Ok, here's a snapshot, as I run from one thing to the next. 

VERY DISAPPOINTING news with Me & Mrs Jones. We won't be making it back for another series.  I really feel sad for the team. Particularly Orianne & Fay, our fantastic writers. They, and everyone, did a great job. I had a blast doing it and I am sorry that I can't get to do Tom again. 

Moving on, I am so happy that I am joining Helen Mirren, Peter Morgan and Stephen Daldry in the West End. What a pedigree lot, and I must say, extraordinarily easy people to work with. I had no idea that it would be a collaborative experience like this. I may have only done one rehearsal so far, but I have goose bumps of excitement already. Maybe that's just nerves!

That's all I have time for at the moment, so have a great run up to Christmas.

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