I wish I had been able to keep you all up to date with recent events. Time has been rather pushed and when I have had a moment a computer hasn't always been at hand. SO. THE AUDIENCE.   

If any of you get the chance to come and watch it, DO. It has some really fabulous performances in it. Spearheaded by the HEAVENLY HELEN. Sounds silly, but I am still looking for the chink in this woman's armour. She's wonderful. She is a spectacular actress. AND she's human.  

She's not the only one in it tho'. Robert Hardy is a legend of Churchillian proportions and is as good as ever. But I can't go thru the cast. If anyone of them by chance reads this, they would know already how amazing I think they all are. Robert deserves a special mention, & I don't think anyone would begrudge him that.

The cream on the cake tho are the two guys at the top. Stephen & Peter, the director and writer. I love 'em.

No more to say really. Except how thrilled I am to part of it, tho strange not to be doing more. 

On a different matter. HOOOOORRRAAAYYYYY for Artemis. I look forward to going to Chicago to receive this award. Quite a thrill. Well done all concerned, but again particularly Eoin. BRILLIANT mind he has.

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