It was announced yesterday to the cast that Robert Hardy, who plays Churchill, (better than ANYBODY else), is to retire from the The Audience. DAMN & BLAST !!!!!

One of my reasons for doing the show was to be on the same stage as him. I suppose that has happened. I have acted, sort of, with Sir Winston Hardy, (or is it Sir Robert Churchill?), and that is something. My Darling Dad did too, many decades ago. My Dad played Hamlet and Robert (Tim, to those close) played the Player King, I think at Drury Lane, very briefly, before going on tour around America with the OUDS production. The Oxford University Dramatic Society. Directed by the extraordinary Ken Tynan. In many ways Tim reminds me of my Dad, in his acting. We have chatted about both my parents in such a lovely way that they have felt very close during these last few weeks.  I am so grateful for that.

Anyway, the point is, I have achieved an ambition, & the man himself is and will always be The Legend.

As far as the show goes, David, his understudy, has had to jump in the deep end and I hope felt supported and congratulated by one and all. The casting for a new Churchill is happening with great secrecy. Whoever it is can't match Tim, & anyway Tim has taken his shoes with him, so they don't need to be filled, just replaced. I am pretty sure Stephen will pick the right person. Stephen, and his team, are all quite fantastic. Special mention for Justin, his assistant who has been in charge of the girls, Bebe, Nell & Maya & has done such a brilliant job. They are remarkable. I do hope people come, it's great show. Our lovely webmistress, Jessy,  came to the first previews and I think had a very good time. I shall keep up with your comments.  Bye now.

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