Sorry for my leave of absence everyone. I must have begun to write posts numerous times, but not completed. No excuse really, just busy. This play has been taking up a fair bit of time as you can imagine, but it's the lack of time it leaves for everything else which is the bore. I have found that I don't get home nearly enough in the week when I am doing a play in London. As much fun as the theatrical thing is, and it really can be, swapping so much time for just 15 minutes on stage is pretty frustrating. It has been great fun tho' most of the time. Mostly because of the team here. Paul and Gerty, my costume and wig duo are the two I see most & luckily they have got too fed up with me. Howard the Stage Manager is Top Draw! Well they all are. Thanks to all here, & to all of you who came to see the show. I hope you caught me on good nights & when I had time to hang around stage door!


Moving on, but what too. I usually wait for the remarkable Jessy to tell me what I am doing next, but nothing more than whispers at the moment. Still Life is still living, as far as I know. But the next is some way off if we do it. Before then, well, we'll see. I am looking forward to travelling to Chicago with my daughter Angel for the Odyssey Award. That's pretty much straight after I finish in The A. Then a wee break would be good. 

I did get such a lot of lovely cards and quite a few little prezzies for my birthday. Thanks to all. All fairy cakes etc were gratefully received and my chins are evidence that they have indeed been eaten. 

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