Good morning all. This is the morning after the night before. Mon 22nd July.  I am pinching myself because I can't quite believe that I performed at the Latitude festival last night. And got away with it!  Perhaps because it wasn't all about me! In fact it was very little about me. (This could be a good sign with Wolf Hall on the way.) I guess I was just able to enjoy myself more than usual. I have to that Ben Osborne, who created the piece. Now Ben makes no claims to be a director, but he did show admirable qualities of delegation yesterday.....   In other words he let those who could "do" do.  I was slightly worried by what readings would come when, but that was easily solved and then the dancers did their bit. The proper dancers were Lauren and Lucy. Both so together and enthusiastic they instilled a confidence in the other performers. what really did it for me was the feeling of being on stage and having people in the audience dancing!!! That's kinda unusual for me. Yes, altogether, great fun & something I would do again, even if I did feel like an old b***ger!


As for the golf prize giving. I nearly turned up last Friday thinking it was then. Oops. I have never swung a golf club, but I intend to give it a go soon.  Doesn't quite have the pace of a horse race. By the way, my AJ, as we now refer to him (Ajaan), is in fine and wondrous form. He is now going over poles, very low ones, either under me or my daughter Angel, and is thriving. He still loves a spin up the gallops every now & then. A great addition to our lives. Thank you Sir Henry. 

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