Hi All,

I hope some of you saw the ITV Chat-show with Bradley Walsh the other day. I do think he's good, rather fantastic really. Actor, presenter, comedian, nearly professional footballer. Top all round kinda guy. That was recorded on a Sunday morning recently. Beard and all. And as if that isn't enough time spent away from my family and our heavenly new home, I have a jam-packed two weeks before I get really busy with rehearsals for Wolf & Bodies. Jam-packed with what? Well......

I recorded one of the funniest radio plays ever last week, North by Northamptonshire. Katherine Jakeways, our writer (& star) and Steve, off to Scotland, Canny the director, alongside Kevin Eldon (also in the Satie piece I was in a few months ago), Felicity Montagu, Rufus Wright from The Audience, and most of all Geoffrey Palmer & Penny Wilton. Both of those last two were not just an education and a delight but also quite brilliant. Sheila Hancock and Penny's Downton comrade, Phyllis Logan I didn't see, but the casting couldn't have been more perfect. I believe they have already done 2 series and that last was nominated for a Sony. Quite right too.  

Then this week I am about to record the Little Angel Theatre version of Macbeth. This is a puppetry theatre troupe.  I did have a go at Macbeth when I was in the National Youth Theatre, with Sally Dexter as Lady M. So this is a chance to improve, at last. Helen McCrory will be Lady M this time. Talk about being in demand, she doesn't stop either does she!

And I will be having a second go at the Wicker Man gig. Ben Osborne has just sent me the poster on the side of a phone box in London. I think the gig is on with Elefest on Friday 4th Oct, Elephant & Castle, somewhere!

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And finally, I am slowly gearing up for the Wolf Bodies combination. Still not sure I am actually doing it. I guess rehearsals will cement that feeling. Eeeekk...

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