If any of you are in London over the next month, you should really try to get to the Little Angel Puppet theatre's production of Macbeth. It's quite simply awesome. The work and commitment and level of talent is exceptional. Claire, Lori & Lowri (I have no idea if that's how their names are spelt) are the three puppeteers who are on stage, are magnificent, & the crew, from Sarah, stage manager to Peter the director, could not have done more. 

They decided to use birds as the characters, because of all the bird imagery in the script, and by God it works. The end is brilliant, well over all its brilliant actually. Helen McCrory voices Lady Macbeth quite wonderfully, but then the whole cast have done their bit. Personally I think we had it easy, the talent is in the back-room and on the stage. Please, if any of you out there get the chance, don't miss it. 


Oh yes, and the rehearsals for Wolf Hall & Bring Up The Bodies seem to be moving along. We have finally got on our feet.  We are deciding whether I go ginger or not, so that could be a new look huh! Ben Miles and Jeremy Herrin, (Cromwell & the director) seem a perfect match and just the right people to lead us into battle. The tickets are all gone now, but if the show is any good we will make it to London. See ya there!

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