Just to say that I thought Hilary came across really well on the BBC news tonight. Such an amazing lady.

I hope some you maybe caught a glimpse of my new facial furniture.  My grey chin looks as tho I am aligning with the internally displaced badgers from Wiltshire. There is a chance I may go ginger. I may have to check the questions page if I do. I have a few friends who are threatening to make much of me if I go for the Ginger.

ITV 3 Crime Thriller Awards were great fun to be at. I thought Bradley Walsh was on top form, for him! I have to say I quite a fan. I had such a good time with him on the build up show, it was lovely to see him. Also caught glimpses of a few "old" favourites, like Jason Issacs, who I think maybe actually younger that me, David Bradley, definitely older & always wiser. He is one of my very favourite. I would love to work with him properly one day.


Can't mention all the friends, but what a great bunch.  I am lucky to be able to say to them and not feel I have to start again. I guess we all have a similar perspective on a lot of things and realise how lucky we are.  If you of a standing and think you deserve it, hhhmmmmm. Think again. I sat with Specsavers Marketing head & his wife, Stiena, & their friends. Not ideal in theory but I had as good a time as I have had at a "Do".  Amanda Ross and her team were brilliant. Loved it. It's on TV this weekend I think.

Rehearsals are exciting! Ben & Jerry, our star and Director are going great guns, as are the rest of the team. They are FAB.        

Bye    Nat  xxxx

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