Sorry to have been absent for so long from the site everyone, but I think I have a decent excuse this time.

Opening these two plays has been one of the most exhausting experiences of my life, but, certainly in my professional life, one of the most rewarding. I have been working with a company of actors and "creatives", as I have learnt to call them, beyond compare. Led by Jeremy Herrin.  Jeremy has become a real friend and is a director par excellence. No one could have handled these scripts better, or have held the respect of this large group of actors with such energy, commitment and humour as Jeremy.  I am a lucky man to have worked with two top directors over the last year, Jeremy Herrin and Stephen Daldry.


Then there's Hilary. Blimey, there's a force of nature. She's a kind of savant. Her extraordinary intelligence and lucidity are mind blowing, and altho' not there everyday, she has been a huge presence and frequent visitor (with Lovely Gerald her hubby) & has proved to be a member of the company in every way. I know Mike Poulton wouldn't mind me saying that her words are a joy. Mike has had quite a mammoth task adapting these books and quite rightly gets many plaudits in the press. They have worked really closely together and I have been encouraged all the way by both Mike and Hilary. Thank you guys.

As for the other "creatives", Stephen's musical brain works in the most fluid and seductive way. He can play anything put anything to music and is just an all round GREAT man. Chris' costumes are FABULOUS. I have never worn such beautifully crafted gear in my life, and his set concept, even without full water effects, bring a naturalness to the acting. They seem to free us. And Paule who lit Wolf Hall, and David on Bodies, are the BEST in the biz. Paule's concept has given all of us such support as actors. Sometimes I feel I have close ups at times, or I am in a painting, or....  well whatever. BRILLIANT TEAM.

Onto the actors. I could name all of them, but no need. Come and see for yourselves. If you haven't booked for Stratford, book for London as soon as they make the theatre known. We haven't had the official deal set for London, but I will eat my shoe if we don't go. (Cue embarrassing you-tube clip). I can't really tell you how happy I am with this troop. If it means we play for a few months now together, then I couldn't be more excited. They are ALL TOP PEOPLE with the show as their focus and each other as company. It's what the word company means. 

So there we are. Rave reviews from the press and from me for everyone. I haven't mentioned the support from Zoe our RSC producer and fantastic Matt and Georgia who will be running it for Playful in London. Again, unstinting support, and real enthusiasm. Thanks Matt and Georgia for making me say yes, but most of all Thank you to Hilary for Henry and to Jeremy for being Jeremy.   

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