Well, I thought I would check in and see how everyone on the site is.  

I have had SUCH A GREAT TIME doing Henry in Wolf & Bodies, that I shall be sad to see it finish in just under 2 weeks. Tho', of course, the possibility of Broadway, well, probability really, of going on in the spring is a source of bubbling excitement.

I have never understood how our webmistress, Jessika, has sourced her knowledge of my career, but she does generally know more than I do.  To visit the website and see a piece about The Outcast & also Moomin Papa, and not to mention the poetry readings at The Cheltenham Festival on the 12th Oct, is no surprise really. Jessika has always been ahead of the game.


What is an added relief for me is that those who read her news pages, will know my lack of contribution is mostly down to time.  I have always wanted to film during the day of doing a play. I always thought it would be quite glamorous, and energising. Unfortunately I didn't try this when I was younger and had some energy! To get up at 6.00am is normal when filming, but then to wrap and rush thru traffic to play Henry until 10.30pm is not as glam as I thought.  Whilst in the West End I have also managed to get the Moomin Papa done and now can't wait to see that. The premiere is on the 11th Oct, I think. (Jessy will know better!) in Hackney. Always loved the Moomins, what's NOT to love, always wanted to be in a feature length cartoon.  Big Tick of bucket list!

In fact I have titled this piece the way I have, because I am seeing the world at the moment, full of targets that either I had aimed for or those that have presented themselves and to embrace or succeed is a source of everyday joy.

My darling old mum would tease me for my sentimentality, but it is true.  Everyday for instance that I wake up in my Gloucestershire home is a bonus, full of things to do, which for a prevaricator like myself is quite a challenge. Seeing my gorgeous wife is a rare enough occurrence at the moment, so every time I see her, I feel blessed.  My amazing children surprise me everyday and make me proud in the silliest of ways, because, it seems, I am living in the present as much as possible. Those of you who have visited here before will know my faith in the Hoffman therapy, and it grows, in it's own way, and manages to accompany me thru tricky situations.

Anyway, speaking of mum and Gloucestershire, the garden is looking great, thanks for asking. My mum's book on building a garden is called The Purest of Pleasures couldn't be better named.

To WORK. Wolf winding down were, announcement soon.... But I do want to thank all those who have been and the many that have praised and those too that have presented me with gifts.  Many Thanks to all I am glad you have enjoyed it.

The Outcast. is going well.  I do think this is one of the most interesting projects I have been involved with. Iain Softley is directing and I have done a few days already, with very little coverage of shots, just a load of cinematic takes.  I think he and Mike Eley (DoP) will produce one hell of a good show. Great to work with Greg and the others. There is an enormous amount of talent involved.  I haven't really seen George MacKay act yet, just walk towards camera, in a way that could put him up there with the James Deans of the modern world. That is a good walk!

Gotta go back on stage now, and typing wearing Henry's rings is like a workout for my fingers. They need a rest.

Back soon and much Love and peace and happiness to all  

Nat  x



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