I have now had two months of rest from Wolf Hall, with a few weeks on The Outcast  after, I am officially rested!

Resting, as I think I may have said before, is not what non-working actors do. I had been desperate to contribute to the daily grudge of school runs and food shopping, and repairing plugs and weeding beds. I am pleased to say that that desperation is now sated. AND I cheated. I managed to slip in a couple of fun voice overs, including with my friend Mark at Outsource, (who ran that fun burst of giggling on You-tube!) and of course the book at Heavy Metal, where David was his normal brilliant editing self. AND, and this is where I cheated, I really enjoyed the school runs and the other supposed drudgery things. As my girls get close to leaving school, still two years for one of them, I am already feeling nostalgic. I am complete softy and get dewy eyed at the fall of a petal. 


So, I finally got nominated for acting. I can't pretend I am not surprised. I have, of course, won for audio book reading, but, "Legit" acting as they say in the US. I am told the gong is decided by public voting, so... Far be it for me to suggest I need votes, but... I would love to join our wonderful Jeremy Herrin who won for his direction at the Evening Standard. Frankly, Ben woz robbed!!!! He is ace, sorry that should read ACE. And as these awardy types who have been nominated a million times, it is great to be thought of, but this is a cast of 22, 21 of whom are Best Supporting!!!!

That's it for the moment.  I am slowly gearing up for the trip across to NY.  Daunting and exciting at the same.

All the best to all. X

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