I am happy to say I have broken my hoodoo. I have actually been nominated for an acting award, well, two actually.I am shocked more than I can say. Delighted, of course, and proud. What's On Stage Awards have come up with some great competition in their categories and the quality of nominations is very high. I believe it is all decided on votes from the public. As I gear up for a return to rehearsals of Wolf Hall, it's very time and as nonchalant as I am trying to be honestly I am thrilled and it's a great way to start the year. 

And yesterday I was honoured to be given a nomination for the Canadian Academy for Still Life. I am absolutely bowled over. Kate Hewlett also gets a nod as Best Actress. They are no mugs in the Canadian Academy. Again, I am so immensely proud, but again, I am absolutely aware, that I am buoyed by the wonderful talent of colleagues. Peter & Phyllis are a great double act at the helm in Canada, and I look back at it as one of my really good fun experiences. That cast and crew I waxed lyrical about in the past and this has brought back a lot of warm memories. You all know what I think of our director on Wolf, Jeremy. He's the best I have ever worked with on stage and can't wait to see what he does with a film script!   


So Thanks to all for the kind words I have received and enormous thanks to the two teams of people who decided the nominations. Very clever people, very wise!


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