Hi Y'all.   

So, veering away from politics, which I am pretty sure is a relief for many, I just wanted to share two appearances I will be making. 

I was asked last week by two different authors to help promote their wonderful books. I read excerpts from Rachel Joyce's Miss Benson's Beetle and Eoin Colfer's The Fowl Twins. I am sure some of you are familiar with the latter thru listening to me before, but this is me, on my own in my house, under a duvet, reading the first part of the book. So slightly different.

It is just my voice, but will be uploaded onto Eoin's website near Christmas, with an online recorded interview. Which I have to say was terrific fun to do. Eoin read out some questions from fans and I answer. A couple of weird questions in there I must say. Secondly I read Rachel's book to camera. A few other actors and the like have done the same. This book has just has two weeks on the New York Times BestSellers List! Pretty bloody marvellous! It'll be uploaded to her instagram page soon.

ENJOY !!!!

N x

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