The waiting is over, I can now confirm that The Inspector Lynley Mystery (series four) will be airing on BBC One from March 17, 2005, time-slot is 20:00 - 21:30 (GMT). If you are interested in reading more about the first episodes click, but beware there will be spoilers!

In Divine Proportion

Starring Nathaniel Parker, Sharon Small, Jimmy Yuill, Richard Armitage, Eve Best, Sylvestra Le Touzel. Drama series about upper-crust DI Thomas Lynley and working class DS Barbara Havers. A village woman is murdered with a shotgun and Lynley is worried about the effect the case will have on Havers, recently returned to work after being shot herself. Clues lead them to uncover a secret that the village had kept hidden for years. Havers is held hostage at gunpoint and has to face her fears of being back in the line of fire.

The second episode is titled "In the Guise of Death" and will be shown on March 23, from 20:00 - 21:30 (GMT) on BBC One. Starring: Nathaniel Parker, Sharon Small, Stella Gonet, Adrian Bower, Gabrielle Drake, Doug Allen. Havers is spending her compensation money learning akido at a retreat in Cornwall. Lynley is also in Cornwall visiting his mother, when a horse trainer who lives on a neighbouring estate is found hanged in his stable. It seems like suicide but when Lynley discovers a connection to a local smuggling racket he becomes suspicious.

Number three is The Seed of Cunning (March 31, from 20:00 til 21:30 (GMT) on BBC One). Starring: Nathaniel Parker, Sharon Small, Roger Allam, John Standing, Clive Merrison, Richard Henders. Lynley and Havers investigate the murder of a doorkeeper at the House of Lords. When a Clerk at the House is also killed events seem to point to a conspiracy involving stolen documents. Havers traces the documents - a test report on a missile system - but they soon realise that she and Lynley are being followed.

The last episode is: The Word of God (April 7, from 20:00 til 21:30 GMT). Starring: Nathaniel Parker, Sharon Small, Mark Benton, Jane Lapotaire. Lynley and Havers are called to Smithfield's market where the body of a man has been found frozen on a meat truck. It appears that the victim was an illegal immigrant but was it an accidental death or did he fall foul of the traffickers who brought him into the country?

For those of you who are really nosey and who want to read real spoilers, please go to the Yahoo Group for Inspector Lynley. Detailed descriptions will be up on this site in the All Projects section after the broadcast of the episodes.

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