WGBH (in co-production with BBC) will release the third season of The Inspector Lynley Mysteries in the USA from July, 12, 2005. You can now pre order with amazon, deepdiscountdvd or WGBH. This edition is also be encoded as region free, meaning that you'll be able to play this edition all around the world on all DVD players.

Here are the episodes which will be featured in this latest edition:

In Pursuit of the Proper Sinner
The daughter of a retired detective and her companion are murdered in the bucolic countryside of northern England, leading Lynley and Havers to countless suspects--and more victims.

A Traitor to Memory
When Eugenie Martin falls victim to foul play, her complicated and tragic past provides Lynley and Havers with an obvious suspect--and a case that doesn't quite add up.

A Cry for Justice
Morag McNicholl appeared to live a life of quiet respectability, but her death reveals a darker existence. As Lynley focuses on her mysterious past and the death toll mounts, Havers follows her hunches by going undercover.

If Wishes Were Horses
There's no shortage of suspects in the murder of noted criminal profiler Dermot Finnegan. But when the case hits too close to home, Lynley takes extraordinary measures to bring the murderer to justice.

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