I think it might be interesting for you to read a bit more about "Fade to Black". So here are some background details for this movie that has been "in the pipeline" for quite a while. Wonderful to see it coming to life after a long struggle. It is a film adaptation of the crime novel „Dissolvenza al nero“ (English title “Back Magic”, German title “Römisches Maskenspiel”) which was written by Davide Ferrario. The screenplay has been adapted by Oliver Parker and John Sayles.

The plot spins around the actor/director genius Orson Welles. He is in Rome in 1948 on the set of his film “Cagliostro”/”Black Magic”  - a year after “The Third Man”. He just split up with Rita Hayworth and flees to Italy to recover from his marriage disaster. He’d love to have a sort of 'Roman holiday' but his plan is doomed to failure. He falls in love with Lea, an actress in his studio. During the shoot, Dellar, an actor who is also Lea's stepfather is murdered, and dies in Orson's arms. Welles feels that there is more to the man’s death than the Italian police is willing to find out.

Welles consequently picks up the case and tries to solve this crime. As the investigation intensifies, Orson finds connections with the communist party. Stories of extortion and blackmail leads him to a prime suspect.

Ralph Kamp and Louise Goodsill's Odyssey is handling worldwide sales for the $15 million movie, which is being produced by Barnaby Thompson's Ealing Studios. Thompson will produce with Jonathan Olsberg (who developed early drafts of the script with Sayles) and Massimo Pacilio.

Exec producers are Ralph Kamp, James Spring of Ealing, Jimmy de Brabant and Michael Dounvane of Thema, Steve Christian of the Isle of Man and Paul Hughes of Equation.

The movie is being co-financed by Thema Prods, the Isle of Man, Movieweb and Equation. The shooting (duration is seven weeks) will take place in Serbia, the Isle of Man and Rome/Italy, with post-production in London.

OLIVER PARKER (The Importance of Being Earnest, An Ideal Husband) director & screenplay
JOHN SAYLES (Lone Star, Passion Fish) screenplay
LUCIANA ARRIGHI (Being Julia, The Importance of Being Earnest) production designer
JOHN DE BORMAN (A Lot like Love, Saving Grace, Serendipity, The Full Monty) cinematographer
LOUISE STJERNSWARD (The Dreamers, Wimbledon, Sexy Beast) costume designer
ALDO SIGNORETTI (Kingdom of Heaven, Moulin Rouge) hair stylist
GUY BENSLEY (An Ideal Husband, The Importance of Being Earnest) editor

BARNABY THOMPSON(The Importance of Being Earnest, An Ideal Husband, Valiant) producer
JONATHAN OLSBERG (Me Without You, Othello) producer
MASSIMO PACILIO (Hollywood Files) co-producer
JAMES SPRING Executive producer
JIMMY DE BRABANT Executive producer
MICHAEL DOUNAEV Executive producer
RALPH KAMP Executive producer
STEVE CHRISTIAN Executive producer

DANNY HUSTON (The Constant Gardener, The Aviator, 21 Grams, Ivansxtc) as Orson Welles
DIEGO LUNA (Y Tu Mama Tambien, The Terminal ) as Tommaso
PAZ VEGA (Spanglish, Sex and Lucia) as Lea Padovani
CHRISTOPHER WALKEN (Catch Me if You Can, Pulp Fiction) as Brewster
ANNA GALIENA (Hairdresser’s Husband, Jamon Jamon) as Aida
VIOLANTE PLACIDO (Che ne sarà di noi, Ora o mai più ) as Stella
NATHANIEL PARKER (Othello, Far form the Madding Crowd) as Viola

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