The BBC Worldwide Ltd. released its Annual Report. Besides a lot of (for some people boring) facts and figures there's are also one thing that I'd like to pass on to you. The Inspector Lynley Mysteries are becoming increasingly popular - well we knew that, alright, but....

It also shows in the BBC's sales. I was very pleased to read that last year the show made it to rank 27. This year, the show made it to a stunningly rank 7 within the top ten of all BBC's TV shows. Considering the type of shows, The Inspector Lynley Mysteries are number three in the sales ranking. The BBC made a stunningly 171m GPB in its TV sales, with a profit of 31.7m GBP. Congratulations!

Here's the complete ranking - Top-Sellers for BBC Worldwide in 2004/05:

  1. The Weakest Link (quizz show)
  2. Spooks (TV series)
  3. D-Day (documentary)
  4. Great Britons (documentary)
  5. Cutting It (TV series)
  6. Top Gear (car show)
  7. Inspector Lynley Mysteries (TV series)
  8. Space Odyssey - Voyage to the Planets (documentary)
  9. Supervolcano (mock-factual docudrama)
  10. Deep Blue - the movie (documentary)
You can read more about the annual report on the BBC pages.

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