The BBC Worldwide Ltd. released its Annual Report. Besides a lot of (for some people boring) facts and figures there's are also one thing that I'd like to pass on to you. The Inspector Lynley Mysteries are becoming increasingly popular - well we knew that, alright, but....
The BBC press office released new info on Andrew Davies' latest Charles Dickens adaptation "Bleak House" which is due to be broadcast on BBC One this autumn. For those of you who would love to have a peek at first pictures and a bit more of background information, please follow this link.

I think it might be interesting for you to read a bit more about "Fade to Black". So here are some background details for this movie that has been "in the pipeline" for quite a while. Wonderful to see it coming to life after a long struggle. It is a film adaptation of the crime novel „Dissolvenza al nero“ (English title “Back Magic”, German title “Römisches Maskenspiel”) which was written by Davide Ferrario. The screenplay has been adapted by Oliver Parker and John Sayles.

New grounds for Nat.... Imagine my surprise when I read that Nat did some voice work for a PlayStation2 Game called "Cold Winter". Since I'm one of the old-fashioned girls, I don't have a PS2 nor an XBox, so I can't tell you what the game is like. It seems to be a shooter game. For the fortunate gamers amongst us: Let us know what you think of it in our forum. 

Fantastic news for all European fans of The Inspector Lynley Mysteries! A brand new DVD edition is due to come out on 15th August 2005 in Germany. This edition will be a dubbed (yep German) and non-dubbed (yep English) version on one DVD and is encoded in region 2 (Europe). The English version has NO subtitles on it! This is the very first time that English-speaking European fans will get to order IL season one without paying import extras and get a DVD version without disturbing subtitles. For more info please look here. There's always the way to order IL DVDs in the USA. They are region-free versions but with cuts especially in the first series!

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