Again, good news for the audiophiles amogst us. Nat did a brand new audiobook. This time he read Elizabeth George's "With no one as Witness" - it is the very first time that he reads a book by an Elizabeth George for the audience. It is the latest of Elizabeth Gerorge's Lynley and Havers series! It is due to come out on June 6th, 2005 ISBN: 184032726X. You can now preorder it through various outlets.

Brilliant news for our audiophile friends. BBC Radio 7 will re-broadcast one of Nat's hard-to-find radio plays "The List". Stella wrote a review of this sometime ago, please read in the Audio Projects secition of this site. As usual you'll have a chance to listen to it online via the "listen live" or the "listen again" facility of BBC Radio 7 for the following seven days after the broadcast. More details here:

So here it is! For our audiophile Artemis Fowl lovers: It will be out, not much longer.... just a few days away! The latest audiobook in the Artemis Fowl series read by Nat is due to come out in the USA on April 26th. This is the fourth audio version in the Artemis Fowl series. You can now pre-order it from various outlets....

Stella and Annett were really busy over the last days and weeks. Both are a part of our audiophile fan fraction. So naturally they are "all ears" when it comes to Nat's audio work. As far as I can tell, the next Artemis Fowl audio book will be their treat for this year... (apart from other things they enjoy like... Nat's movies). They've been trying to work on a comprehensive list of all of Nat's audio characters for us to enjoy. I've just put up their efforts. Take a look here and tell us what you think of it.

Simon Russell Beale stars in a recreation of the doomed libel action taken by Wilde against the Marquis of Queensbury. Nat plays Edward Carson. For those of you who are unable to listen to BBC Radio 7 via satellite or radio, please feel free to listen to an online replay for the following six days after the first broadcast here. This is one of the audios that are very hard to get hold of, so make sure not to miss it! Here are the airdates:

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