Seems that our friends from the UK will finally get to see the first home edition of The Inspector Lynley Mysteries. Thanks to a hint from one of our Swedish (!) visitors I am proud to tell you that there are indications that the BBC is planning to issue the pilot and season one in the UK on three DVDs. You can also find some info on this latest edition on the amazon pages that told me in early March that it should have been out on April 10th, 2006. As far as I understand now (hey, it's early April) this first UK edition has been postponed to July 8, 2006. You can now pre-order and save some money.

True Lynley fans know that the US edition (season one) is missing some scenes. I cannot give you more info about the new UK edition yet, but let's hope that this new one will show the full version of season one. Please note that all publishing dates might be rescheduled - this can be due to last-minute decisions of the publishers.

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