An online vote for the only Bafta award which will be decided by public is about to start including shows like Strictly Come Dancing, The X Factor, Jamie's School Dinners, The Catherine Tate Show, The Apprentice, Bleak House, Doctor Who and Desperate Housewives. Here's the link for placing your vote.

The Pioneer Audience Award goes to the show that "helped define TV" in 2005. It sets out to honour programme-makers whose novel and bold approach has brought both critical praise and commercial success. As far as I understand the picking and choosing of the shows is done by a committee of  national television critics. It is the only Audience Award given out at the Awards.

The text message vote will be opened on 17 March. The winner of the online vote will be announced at the Bafta television awards ceremony, which is taking place in London on 7 May, 2006. The event will be screened on ITV1 the following evening.

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