As most of my German readers know series four of The Inspector Lynley Mysteries is going to be broadcast in Germany via the ZDF channel from April 2nd, 2006. It’ll be airing on Sundays for the next weeks to come. There’s been mentionable press coverage (including German woman magazine Brigitte) and some members are perpetually nagging me *just kidding* for more info - so I thought I’d let you know a bit more about what’s going on over here.

On April 1st (no jokes please - I am German actually *giggles*) there has been heavy coverage to provide information on the first episode of IL4. Our newspapers report that Nat and Sharon have been to Berlin in order to support this season’s broadcast in Germany. As far as I know this has been their first visit to my country so far. Last year Nat has been interviewed via telephone by the ZDF - you can read more about it here.

Both Nat and Sharon have been talking to members of the German press, including representatives of the dpa, Berliner Zeitung, Frankfurter Rundschau and Hamburger Abendblatt – all of them subsequently supported the series with nice articles on Saturday, April 2nd, 2006. Since I know that few of you speak German, I’d like to think it is proper to try and give you some of Nat’s and Sharon’s statements in a humble translation of this press conference's highlights.

Nat emphasised that he has a lot of fun on the set doing Lynley, although he had his dear problems in the beginning unbelieving that a Lord would actually work as an Inspector. He also told the press that he revised his estimation when he did some research and found out that there are blue-blooded people in the real police force. Having a Lord within Scotland Yard would be an idea only an American writer could fantasize about. The Inspector Lynley Mysteries, according to Nat, isn’t English writing at all, more a cliché of what foreigners think what cosy England is all about. He’s also been joking about the fact that he’s been recognized in London pubs lately and that people tend to think that he is Lynley. There’s also been a bit of a complaint about this fact  – but he also said that under certain circumstances there are advantages to “be Lynley” in the eyes of some: a traffic warden simply tore a parking ticket apart when she recognized him. Wonder who she thought she had seen... *smiles* 

On the other hand Sharon told the journalists that she still thinks Nat is the predestined next Bond. She was also complaining about Havers being such a lonely woman, calling it a typical English script idea – yeah I can see the dreariness of female parts coming out of British scripts *still giggling*. Obviously the attendees drew their attention to the fact that we have LOTS of single living female TV-Inspectors on German TV. Having heard this both admitted not to have seen one German crime series in their life – so much for German dullness. Sharon also gave a mind-boggling account were Nat introduced her as his wife. Yes, life can be confusing. *roars*

And that’s all folks... ehh, nope. Actually I was going to promise the TV ratings within this article. So look out for this bit in order to get the low-down on how IL4 did over here in Germany.

 Date Mio. viewers  Marketshare 
 02.04.2006  4.10  17.8 %
 09.04.2006  4.30  18.6 %
 16.04.2006  3.39  13.0 %
 23.04.2006  3.47  14.6 %

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