I promised to keep you posted on Oliver Parker's latest movie "Fade to Black". It seems that the film is now ready for take off. According to coverage in the Daily Variety it will have its premiere screening in the Cannes Market on May 17th, 2006. That's NOT the Cannes Film Festival, and it isn't running in the competition. And no it isn't a public screening, it's for distributors and film buyers only. "Fade To Black" is the second collaboration between Ealing and Odyssey, following "Valiant".

The Cannes Market is a trade show with distributors showing their products to the international buyers. Here you'll find movies from all over the world competing for the attention of over 1500 territorial buyers. Buyers purchase the rights to screen a movie in their territory. There are about one hundred and fifty territories, from single countries to major regions. Some buyers buy only video rights for Portugal, South Africa, Taiwan or Norway. Other buyers may buy all Far East Rights or European rights. There are buyers for US and Canada, for Mexico or South America. To put it in a nutshell anybody who qualifies as a buyer may buy any territory for a certain movie based on a negotiated price, usually for five to ten years release times.

Keep your fingers crossed for this fair, let's hope that "Fade To Black" will be on our silver screens quite soon.

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