Nat’s latest project involves a lot of hard work and the topic isn’t an easy one. I thought it might be a good idea to give you some hints and tips for reading and watching – surly this list isn’t complete by far, it is a mere start. Maybe some of you would like to prepare a bit for the upcoming three-part TV documentary.

Albert Speer was one of the leading Nazis that remain a riddle and an object of debates up until today – especially when it comes to that ever burning question of how much he knew about the Shoah, about what his role with in regime really was and how responsibility was defined in Germany in the early years after WWII and the way modern Germany is looking at his confessions and his denials today. Nat’s decision to play Speer is an extremely brave one.

I sincerely hope that this project that deals with the trial at Nuremberg will prove to be another valuable part of remembrance that is so badly needed for everyone. Yes one might argue that this way of recollection is a virtual one, but what else is there left for us to do than keeping the truth alive with modern means and telling the story over and over again so we won’t forget.

Internet Info
An abridged biography

Cross-Examination of Albert Speer

The Nuremberg War Crimes Trials (a complete collection of the trial)

The Nuremberg Trials Project

Audio Interviews

Other movies to watch
Das Urteil von Nürnberg / Judgement at Nuremberg

Nürnberg - Im Namen der Menschlichkeit / Nuremberg

Der Untergang / Downfall

Speer und Er / Speer and Hitler: The Devil’s Architect

Klaus Maria Brandauer: Speer in London

Conspiracy / Die Wannseekonferenz

Recommended reading
Fest, Joachim: Albert Speer. Eine Biographie. / Speer: The Final Verdict.
Schmidt, Matthias: Albert Speer - Das Ende eines Mythos. Speers wahre Rolle im Dritten Reich / Albert Speer: The End of a Myth.
Sereny, Gitta: Albert Speer: Sein Ringen mit der Wahrheit / Albert Speer : His Battle with Truth.
Speer, Albert: Erinnerungen. / Inside the Third Reich Memoirs.
Speer, Albert: Spandauer Tagebücher. / Spandau: The Secret Diaries.

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