According to The Daily Variety Bleak House is on the long-list for this year's Emmy Award (58th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards). Only 13 minis are eligible for Emmy consideration in 2006, so there will be only four nominees for top honors. Other eligible minis are: Category 7: The End of the World (CBS), Elizabeth I (HBO), Empire (ABC), Human Trafficking (Lifetime), Into the West (TNT), Pope John Paul II (CBS), Robert Ludlum's Covert One: The Hades Factor (CBS), Sleeper Cell (Showtime), The Ten Commandments (ABC), Thief (FX), The Triangle (Sci Fi), Viva Blackpool (BBC).   

The way to the shortlist and the final announcement is a bit longer. So here are the details for this year's procedure: 

Week of June 5
Nominating ballots are posted on the Television Academy’s website

June 20
Deadline for returning the nominating ballots to Ernst & Young

July 6
Nominations are announced from the Leonard H. Goldenson Theatre, 5:35 AM

Week of July 24
At-home judging DVDs for Primetime Awards Telecast categories are mailed

August 15
Deadline for returning at-home judging ballots for Primetime Awards
Telecast categories to Ernst & Young

August 27
NBC Telecast and Governors Ball at Shrine Auditorium

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