The Inspector Lynley Mysteries 5 is about to start in the UK on BBC One after having celebrated its premiere in Denmark. Update: The first announcement for the latest IL series told us that it would start on July 6th, 2006. But IL5 fell victim to a spectacular rescheduling of BBC One. Please note: We'll get to watch the first episode on July 13th, 2006!

Update No. 2: This is starting to be a running gag: Guess what, my online schedule just informs me that IL5 is NOT on BBC One on July 13th. Also I can't find any info about the next episode in today's BBC schedule announcements for the following week. So folks, I am once more utterly sorry to tell you that your patience has just been put to yet another test. I will try to keep you updated in the fashion Auntie Beeb allows me to...

Update No. 3: My online schedule tells me there's a glimpse of hope that we'll get to watch IL5 in the UK from July 20th, 2006 (from 20:00 GMT). And no, the BBC programme info still remains quiet about any air dates.

Update No. 4: On July 12th, 2006 the Lynley BBC homepage finally confirmed that the new episode will air on July 20th. 

Update No. 5: BBC One Scotland will air the first episode of IL5 on July 18th, 2006 from 20:30 GMT. That's two days before the main BBC channel will broadcast it. Thought maybe I'd mention this for the folks who can actually get BBC One Scotland (that's mostly for the satellite equipped ones like me).

Update No. 6: BBC One Scotland is two days ahead of the BBC One main channel which broadcasts the series on Thursdays. 

The first episode is called "Natural Causes". Now IF you'd like to have some short descriptions, read on - IF you don't stop here. 

From the BBC source (for those of you who'd like to know and read more use this link - choose the episode you'd like to read about):

Ep One "Natural Causes"

"Since Lynley's arrest and suspension for threatening a suspect, Havers has been without a partner. She begins a new case in Kent alongside the heavily pregnant, no-nonsense Detective Inspector Fiona Knight. Together, they investigate the murder of Edie Covington, whose body has been discovered in a local lake. Back in London, Lynley attends a disciplinary hearing to determine whether he can return to work. Following the hearing, Lynley begins to help Havers and Knight with their investigations. But, as the case unfolds with the discovery of another body and a kidnap, will Lynley's unofficial involvement in the case jeopardise his efforts to be reinstated?"


Ep Two "One Guilty Deed"

"Lynley, Havers and DC Winston Nkata are close to bringing down organised crime boss Michael Shand. But then their informant Roger Pollard is shot dead. His body is found on the south coast and it looks like a contract killing - a single bullet to the forehead. However, they soon discover there's more to the shooting than meets the eye. Why was Pollard on the south coast when he was supposed to be under police protection in Manchester? And what leads can Carly Baker, who works on a local caravan site provide?" 

Ep Three "Chinese Walls"

"When aspiring lawyer Emily Proctor is found axed to death in Hyde Park, Lynley and Havers are drawn to the chambers of human rights lawyer Tony Wainwright and his clerk Hester Reed. Wainwright's passionate temper and a concealed affair with the victim seem to place him as the main suspect, but when Emily's double life is exposed, Lynley and Havers enter a world of internet porn and a family haunted by secrets."

Ep Four "In The Blink Of An Eye"

"The shooting of a former war photographer, Peter Rooker, begins a murder trail from tabloid newspaper mogul Eddie Price and editor Melissa Booth back to a family executed by the Serbian militia in Bosnia. When Lynley asks his wife Helen to assist him with unlocking the psychological history behind the killing, he sets in motion a trail of events which prove fatal."

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