The Inspector Lynley Mysteries made a successful return to BBC One, winning its slot each night with more than 5 million viewers! The first episode attracted 5.4 million viewers that equals a 30% share between 20:00 and 21:30 (GMT) in the UK, according to unofficial overnights. BBC1's detective drama was up against The Bill on ITV1, which took in the second place that evening with 4 million viewers and a 23% share.

During its second outing IL 5.2 beat The Bill yet again. The second episode had more than 5.2 million viewers between 8pm and 9.30pm, that's a 28% share. The last episode in this series (IL 5.4) hit that 28% mark yet again with 5.8 million viewers tuning in.

These ratings mark a successful return to BBC One, although BBC's own magazine previewer Alison Graham for The Radio Times described the series as having some "criminal dialogue" and a "shoddy script". The figures indicate that the viewers have a different take on the show.

This year's episodes brought in better ratings than last year (5% plus for the starter episode), even though it has now been moved to a completely different broadcast slot (midsummer instead of spring-time), the UK premiere was two days ahead on BBC Scotland and the actual premiere of the latest series happened on a Danish TV channel.


Date Mio viewers Share
20.06.2006 5.4 30%
26.07.2006 5.2 28%
03.08.2006 6.0 30%
10.08.2006 5.8 28%


And here are the ratings for IL series five in Germany (please mind, the broadcast is from 22:00 until 23:30, so it is a late night programme on Sundays).


Date Mio viewers Share
08.04.2007 3.08 11.5%
15.04.2007 3.58 16,9%
22.04.2007 3.64 19.0%
29.05.2007 3.35 14.5%

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