Hello dear all,
I started a blog section for your Christmas greetings. Please remember that you are able to contribute after you've logged in. The section itself is visible for everyone out there... Have fun!

It's that day over here in Germany. The family is here, you're preparing the Christmas tree, the presents all neatly packed and an enchanting scent of a wonderful feast is in the air. Whatever makes these days special, it is here. Over the last days a lot of Christmas greetings arrived at my home. Thanks for your greetings from all over the world, I' ll keep them in my heart, I promise. 

Imagine my surprise when I received a message this early morning, which I am more than happy to send to all of you. It is a dear greeting from Nat:

 Please send my
to all who visit


There's a new audiobook out! It's the abridged audioversion of Rennie Airth's "The Blood-Dimmed Tide". As far as I know this work is out on audio cassette only. Duration is 3,5 hours. There seems to be some confusion regarding the release date, amazon is displaying 5th November 2004, but right now it is available through www.bbcshop.com.
I've just been doing some surfing again and found some good news. WGBH and Auntie Beeb finally seem to start a decent merchandising for Inspector Lynley. As I just read there is a new edition coming out with the pilot, plus series one and two! It is encoded as region-free. This edition consists of the original DVDs, meaning that no new versions (pilot and series one which have been cut) are out! Its just a new package for those who would like to buy this series of the first time. Read more one on the details of this new edition on the homepage of WGBH (already released).

To all of you - this is a wonderful day indeed! Guess what?
With the invaluable help from a good soul, I am able to display an international photo shoot that has been done for Haunted Mansion. These are the most beautiful pictures I have ever seen. Just amazing stuff for us. I am very grateful that they have been given to us. Unfortunately the pictures are thumbnails only, but I do hope that I will be able to display them in a better quality someday soon.

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