New Website launches!


Finally.... as those of you who regularly come to visit this site well know, there have been a lot of changes in this place! Especially the loss of content (copyright protected material) was a big shock to you and to me. I was unhappy with the way the site looked and felt after that. So I decided to move on to newer and better things for the fans. And here it is!

I now have a new and up-to-date content management system (cms) that allows me to add new content from anywhere in the world at any time. News can be delivered to you much easier and you'll be able to read about it right on the frontpage of this site.


There are other things that are fun for you (at least that's what I believe). We can now have our own chat group right on these pages, I already put up some topics, please feel free to use it after you have registered as a member. You may upload files if you like to, but please: remember that I am the site owner and will be held responsible of all content that is displayed here…


We can now have polls, you can recommend this site to friends… just take a look around! There is a download section where you can find Nat's theatregraphy, filmography and audiography… If you like this site, you can bookmark it on the left hand side of our homepage. You can also recommend it to your friends by using the recommend button.


Three things that I like a lot are the pdf function, the printer friendly versions of the pages and the eMail functions for each article that you'll find on this site! I do hope that with this change the site becomes more attractive to you and more easier to handle for me.




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