I have the great pleasure to announce to you that we will get to see a fourth series of The Inspector Lynley Mysteries!

According to my sources, the production for IL 4 will start in late July 2004 in the UK. As I learned from some discussion boards and chat groups, this fantastic news is what everyone has hungered and hoped for. Some were even fearing that there might not be another IL series. It may come as no huge surprise to the very loyal Lynley fans, but as we all well know, the BBC left us a bit in the dark regarding the question of a possible forth series. So you may all rest your worried heads, YES we will get to see more Lynley and Havers and NO: No airdates have been announced by Auntie Beeb so far.

I'll have a toast on this one this evening! Let's all keep our fingers crossed for the production...

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