Very good news for all of us indeed. WGBH decided to issue The Inspector Lynley Mystries series two shortly after the scheduled broadcast this autumn! That's terrific, although WGBH does not ship to non-US destinations... they don't even answer questions from abroad - now don't get upset!

There are other ways to order. You can try amazon, or order via deepdiscountdvd (they've got reasonable international shipping rates) or you can purchase it by auction via eBay. As usual, some of the info given by amazon is incorrect and misleading and deepdiscount may take more time to list this new issue: Just be patient, there will be alternatives to ordering directly from WGBH for us international viewers. The issued episodes are:

  • Playing for the Ashes (season 2)
  • In the Presence of the Enemy (season 2)
  • A Suitable Vengeance (season 2)
  • Deception on his Mind (season 2)  


One more thing: This edition (as all Inspector Lynley Mysteries that have been issued on DVD by WGBH) is encoded region-free - disregard the info given by amazon or whoever you are ordering from - the WGBH issues are region-free I tried it! Now this means that you are able to play these DVDs on DVD players all over the world! No need to worry about incompatibilities... you can read all about this issue here.

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