Things seem to lighten up for us Nat fans - especially for those of us who live in the UK or are fortunate enough to be able to listen to British digital Radio Stations. Oneword will be broadcasting Far From The Madding Crowd from July 7, 2004 'til July 24, 2004.

Each episode will last an hour and there will be three broadcasting time slots each day:

From 06:00 a.m. to 07:00 a.m., 14:00 to 15:00 p.m. and 22:00 to 23:00 p.m. (GMT), please remember that central Europe is on hour ahead of the UK (GMT+1h)!

We will listen to 18 episodes. So be prepared for one of Nat's best piece of work regarding his audiobooks. That judgement is naturally referring to my own private taste, but it seems that some of you seem to agree with that.

If you'd like to read more about this production, please go here.

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