According to the schedules of PBS (Public Brodcasting Station in the USA) The Inspector Lynley Mysteries (season 2) will be airing from September 5 - September 26, 2004. Please check your local listings for exact airdates!
Very good news for all of us indeed. WGBH decided to issue The Inspector Lynley Mystries series two shortly after the scheduled broadcast this autumn! That's terrific, although WGBH does not ship to non-US destinations... they don't even answer questions from abroad - now don't get upset!
I thought it might be interesting for you gals and guys to know how the (first ever) rerun of Inspector Lynley on BBC One (May 23, 2004) did: The two and half hour episode (taken out of series two) attracted an average of 5.2 million and 5.4 million either side of the Ten O'Clock News. Now that's the second best rating for a show on that evening. Plus: with an average of 6.+ million viewers for the latest (third) series which was shown in March, the show seems to be on it's way to a long-runner. Hopefully the BBC will decide to show more reruns on the free-to-view channels BBC 1-4 instead of UK Drama or something....

Stella worked wonders again - An additional review for an audiobook is ready to be published on our site. She wrote a review on "The Sittaford Mystery" by Agatha Christie. Not that this is a rare one, it has been read by Nat in 1998 and it is available for rent or buying, but this actually adds to our collection of reviews on Nat's complete work! Thanks so much, Stella for your contribution - fantastic job you are doing, keep on sending in more stuff.

I have the great pleasure to announce to you that we will get to see a fourth series of The Inspector Lynley Mysteries!

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