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The Gallery page is displaying new content... PR stills from the premieres of Finding Nemo and Brother Bear have been added, the pictures are quite small, but its worth watching them... Lydia sent in some lovely i/v's, please look 'em up in our Press section...

2001 June - 2003 September: the site wasn't maintained any longer. There was one last update in Feb. 2003 informing the audience on the latest developments. Ginny was looking for someone to take over (a new webmistress). Here's her message she posted on the yahoo group she started. Jessy decided to take on this challenge in the summer of 2003. The new site with new URLs was launched with the OK of Ginny in September 2003.


INSPECTOR LYNLEY 9 EPISODES!: The BBC showed five episodes of Inspector Lynley last season (A Great Deliverance, Well Schooled in Murder, For the Sake of Elena, Missing Joseph and Payment in Blood). Only one has aired so far in the U.S. on PBS (A Great Deliverance) but all 5 episodes aired last year in the UK and are now airing in Germany. In December, the BBC announced that it is starting work on a new season 2 including four new episodes, the first of which will be called Playing For the Ashes. This series has really taken off and is a great role for Nathaniel Parker and a great boon for Elizabeth George fans also. Read more about the series in our updated Inspector Lynley pages.

INSPECTOR LYNLEY: A GREAT DELIVERANCE ON VIDEO! PBS has released a VHS tape version of A Great Deliverance.

Haunted Mansion: Nathaniel is currently in L.A. working on a film for Disney called Haunted Mansion. The film will star Eddie Murphy. Nathaniel plays the owner of the mansion, Master Gracey. This sounds like a great holiday film for the whole family (it is due out Thanksgiving '03). It is nice to see Nathaniel doing comedy again! Here's the imdb listing, the official site and a movie site blurb.

Audio Books: Nathaniel has been doing tons of audiobooks lately including the terrific Artemis Fowl series. Don't miss these fun audiobooks. Here's an Amazon UK list of all Nat's audiobooks.

Disney opened the official website for The Haunted Mansion. Disney theme park enthusiasts will be extra-pleased by the section which features extensive production artwork from the film. A virtual tour of the mansion itself and some behind the scenes clips should be online soon. Is in post-production and will premiere on 26 November 2003 in the US. For more details please see Haunted Mansion pages on this site...

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