A GREAT DELIVERANCE: On March 12 and 13th the first Detective Inspector Thomas Lynley mystery (starring Nat) aired on the BBC. From all accounts the ending of the story was 'softened' from the original novel but Elizabeth George fans were pleased with the performances of Nat Parker as Lynley and Sharon Small as Barbara Havers, his sergeant. Click here for a peek at the Elizabeth George forum to see what fans of the books have to say. We'll have pictures and press info about the show on this site soon - our UK pal Sarah is sending me a package this week.

Pretending to be Judith: This has not yet aired on British TV but should do so sometime before this summer. According to one press blurb Nat plays "an up-market jeweler obsessed by his deceased ex-lover."
Lover's Prayer: Is coming out in the US on VHS and DVD this month!

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