I was told by the publicist at Overseas Filmgroup that Lover's Prayer / All Forgotten would be at Cannes, but there wasn't a peep about it in all the Cannes coverage. Nor have I received any literature from the company as promised. However, I did find the merest mention of it on the official Kirsten Dunst website. Apparently the filming ending July 1999. Kirsten plays a princess who flirts with and manipulates her suitors. (Could NP be one of them?)

I found this item online - a description of the film Never Come Back. From checkout.com: "Nathaniel Parker plays Desmond Thane, a young journalist in 1939 London. Much against his will, the wide-eyed Thane becomes embroiled in a murder case. Though the constabulary insists that everything is under control, Thane can't shake the feeling that something bigger is at stake. His suspicions are confirmed when several strangers with foreign accents and short tempers express an interest in the diary he has in his possession. Originally telecast on British television in 1989, Never Come Back premiered in the US over the A&E cable network on December 13, 1991. - Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide. Unfortunately, Never Come Back is not on video.

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