I've found sources for 2 new Nat videos. One is Never Come Back, a 1989 British TV movie coming out on video from BFS video in August (see May 20 news item for description). The other is the Poirot episode Affair at the Victory Ball, which has just been released as part of Poirot set series 4 (available from WGBH Boston video, 1-800- 225-0540). The same catalogue is also selling the Morse episodes singly for $19.95, including Deceived by Flight.

According to the Othello press kit, Nathaniel has four other TV credits not listed by imdb.com. These include an episode of A Touch of Frost and TV movies Without Walls (in which he impersonates Errol Flynn - Channel 4), The Vision Thing (BBC) and Awayday (Grenada). I found the A Touch of Frost episode - it's called "Quarry", from 1995, and the synopsis says "An odd group of animal rights advocates attempting to sabotage a foxhunt includes a working-class teen, who is murdered." This episode was on the A Touch of Frost video set #3, but it's out of print. YOU CAN GET THEM FROM VIDEO COLLECTABLES 1-800-268-3891 for $39.98. If anyone has any info about the other 3 "new" projects, such as air date or basic plot synopsis, please let me know.

The Overseas Filmgroup site has put up more about Nat's film "Lover's Prayer" so I added a project page for it.

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