PRETENDING TO BE JUDITH: According to the "Speed-the-Plow" programme, Nat's TV credits include a piece called Pretending to be Judith. The TV appearances are listed chronologically with this as the most recent, so it's probably a brand new UK TV production - yah! It's not listed with yet, so if anyone hears anything about it, let me know.

ABSOLUTE HELL: This Nat credit was listed on a press release. It's a 1991 TV production of a play starring Judi Dench that was very popular on the West End. I don't think Nat was in the theater production, but he was in the filmed version made in 1991 and aired on UK TV. Have found little about this; it's not on video.

UNSIGNED and WIZARDS: Also listed in the credits was a film called Unsigned (listed between Othello and The Bodyguard). has never heard of this film. And there's also a TV listing called Wizards by Viacom. Again, no info could be found on the web. So a few new mystery titles for our filmography! (FYI, a very nice person at Albemarle's sent me this info, but I've yet to see an actual, scanable programme - I'll put it up when I get one!)

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