NEVER COME BACK: There's a new online pdf brochure at the BFS Video site.

A LITTLE LOVING: A new filmography entry. This is a short film directed by Oliver Parker. Helena Bonham Carter plays "a love struck maiden helped by Greek gods in nineties London. . . Also in the cast is the very dishy Nathaniel Parker as Pan, one of the Greek Gods. Apparently all the Greek gods were absconded to London in the Swinging sixties because that is where all the action was. . . It was filmed in the streets of London, in the middle of the night." (from a HBC site)

THE VISION THING: According to Sarah, a site visitor, this was: "a BBC political drama with Derek Jacobi and Richard Wilson. Nat played a spin doctor - it was all about a new party getting into government." Thanks for the info, Sarah! If anyone knows the year, please email it to me.

UNSIGNED: Sarah also informs us that this was a 15 minute film by Oliver Parker in which Nat plays the devil temping a floundering artist. She says it was excellent.

A VILLAGE AFFAIR: Is going out of print.

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