A GREAT DELIVERANCE: Nat has the lead as Detective Inspector Thomas Lynley in a new mini-series by the BBC. The story is based on the novel by Elizabeth George, and more films may well follow since George wrote a string of books on Lynley. Our boy is perfect for the role since Lynley is the 8th Earl of Asherton as well as working for Scotland Yard. The air date is Feb, 2001 and the mini-series will consist of two 75 minute episodes.

Pretending to be Judith: As we surmised, this is indeed a new Nat Parker British TV movie and it is set to air on ITV prior to Christmas. It has been termed "gruesome", but no word on the actual plot yet.

Lover's Prayer: This news from Overseas Filmgroup: "We recently decided to schedule LOVER'S PRAYER for a direct to video and DVD release rather than a theatrical due to our overcrowded theatrical release schedule. We felt it better to bring the film out earlier, rather than waiting another 6 months to a year. The detailed web page is being designed this week and will be available for viewing after November 1st. The scheduled release date for this film is March 20, 2001." So, the good news is, we'll have the DVD version of this movie in our hot little hands this Spring. I'm very excited about this one. See our project pages for a bit of detail and keep watching for a link to the new page on the Overseas Filmgroup site.

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