Added screen captures and audio to the project pages for David. Added information about a new play Nat's doing in London to the front page, news and theater pages.
At last some NEWS! Check it out under Nat News - new videos on the market, new credits for Nat's filmography, a pic of his wife, etc. I got an Othello press kit so part of that is in the news section and I also added a few things to the Othello project pages. Added a project page for Lover's Prayer which includes a neat poster from the Overseas Filmgroup site. Hopefully I'll have more to add to that page shortly. And I found a great poster from one of Nat's theater performances on sale on ebay - I put it in the Theatre section.

Ginny's Nathaniel Parker Fan Site goes live! So far, I have DVD screen captures from Othello and Beverly Hills Ninja. I have sound bites from Far from the Madding Crowd and two of Nat's audiobooks: David Copperfield and The Beast Must Die. The filmography, biography, audiography, links page are also complete. I have information/reviews up for Vanity Fair, Hamlet and Wide Sargasso Sea. Fresh news will appear on the home page. Once it's replaced it'll be archived. Longer news items will also be here, pointed to by the front page. I'm currently working on contacting Overseas Filmgroup for a press kit for Lover's Prayer, (aka All Forgotten), and Nat's representatives about what he might have in the works.


In May stuff deleted. In Nat news, his latest film is All Forgotten (aka Lover's Prayer in the US) co-starring Kirsten Dunst. "Set in Russia in the 1800's, the story concerns a young boy who falls in love with the daughter of a cunning princess." The film is in production and will be distributed by the Overseas FilmGroup.

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