Like last year, Nat takes part in the National Doodle Day fundraiser. National Doodle Day aims to get everyone doodling to raise money for The Neurofibromatosis Association and Epilepsy Action. National Doodle Day is run by the two charities. They teamed up in 2003 to launch the first ever Doodle Day to help raise funds and awareness of two little known and often misunderstood medical conditions.

National Doodle Day has been supported by over 600 celebrities from the worlds of television, radio, theatre, sport and the arts. All of this year's celebrity doodles will be auctioned on eBay starting on National Doodle Day itself, Friday 23 February 2007.

For full details of National Doodle Day, including information on how to take part and how to auction Nat's doodle, please visit their site. There's also a page that's trying to give you some clues to the meaning for symbols used.

This year's doodle

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