I'm thrilled to give you some very good news. The BBC / Discovery Channel co-production Nuremberg: Nazis on Trial is on the long-list for a FOCAL award. The docu-drama that deals with three of the main war-criminals Speer, Göring and Hess has been handed in for the category "Awards for Best Use of Footage in Factual Productions". There will be three separate awards in this section.

The award's short-list will be announced in a few weeks. The FOCAL International Awards will be presented on 14th May 2007 at the Savoy Hotel, London. Lord David Puttnam CBE, Chair of Patrons and Sir Jeremy Isaacs will present the awards during the ceremony. Christine Whittaker worked on the research for this production. She found the right footage in the following five Libraries: National Archives Washington, Transit (Bundesarchiv), Footage Farm, ITN Source/British Pathe and Imperial War Museum. For those of you who'd like to attend the show, please follow this link.

From the description of the submission: It was the greatest trial of the twentieth century. In the dock at the Nuremberg war-crimes tribunal, 21 leading Nazis, all fighting for their lives. The world watched, spellbound, as the trial exposed the crimes and horrors of The Third Reich. But the real story of Nuremberg took place away from the public eye, where lawyers and psychologists probed the minds of some of the most infamous men in history. Sixty years on, this three-part drama documentary series goes behind the scenes in the cases against the three most notorious Nazis on trial: Hermann Goering, Rudolf Hess and Albert Speer.

The reason for the submission: By constantly inter-cutting archive and drama shots, the series creates a bold yet seamless blend of real and reconstructed material. This not only helps to emphasize the factual accuracy of the drama elements but also presents the archive footage in a fresh way.

The Federation of Commercial Audiovisual Libraries International Ltd (FOCAL) was formed in 1985 as an international, non-profit, professional trade association. It represents commercial film/audiovisual, stills and sound libraries as well as interested individuals such as facility houses, professional film researchers and producers working in the industry.

It is also a central point for all enquiries relating to the content and stock footage business, information, advice and contacts being given free of charge. It has a membership of well over 300 archives, researchers and allied services on all six continents and is fully established as one of the leading voices of the industry.

The FOCAL International Awards are designed to promote the use of archive images in the creative media.

Feb 18, 2007 10:00 (GMT).

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