The BBC press-office announced today that A Class Apart will be shown in week 12 (17-23 March, 2007) on BBC One. The made-for-TV film stars Jessie Wallace, Nathaniel Parker and George Cole. It remains yet unplaced.

From the BBC source: "This one-off film is written by the Bafta-nominated Tony Grounds (When I'm 64, Births, Marriages And Deaths). Wallace plays single mum Candy, who is trying to keep her 11-year-old son, Kyle, on the straight and narrow with help from her granddad, George (George Cole), who isn't the best role model himself. When Kyle is offered a place at the local failing school, Candy is having none of it. She knows only too well the grass is greener at nearby Park View and doesn't see why her boy can't go there. Feeling frustrated and disenfranchised, Candy decides to mount a one-woman protest, chaining herself to the Park View gates until her only son is granted a place. However, fate intervenes. The conceited headmaster (Nathaniel Parker) of a nearby, prestigious, private school sees Candy on the local news. He jokes to his deputy, Charles, that if Kyle attended Haltham, he'd turn him from chav-rude-boy to respectable public school boy. Charles doesn't believe he can do it and they make a bet. The headmaster's first task is to find a way to get Kyle into the school. Can he win his bet and get one over on his scheming deputy, and how will Candy and Kyle cope with the culture shock as two worlds collide?"

I'll keep you updated on the broadcast details.

March 2, 2007 - 14:15 (GMT)

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