Stardust is making headlines way before the majority of movie fans all over the world even had a chance to have a look at it. Now here's the latest update on the upcoming blockbuster.

I'm quite excited to tell you that there might be a chance for our British members to enjoy this movie even before the US premiere. For UK audiences, there's a small chance to attend a special sneak-peek screening on June 4th, 2007.

Currently there's a competition running that gives you a fair chance to enjoy this happening live. The folks over at forbiddenplanet managed to get 20 tickets for an exclusive screening in the West End (London). You can enter the competition. You'll also have the opportunity to talk to Neil Gaiman right after the show (should you be one of the lucky winners). I keep my fingers crossed for you all... Please check for your local cinema release dates.

I'd also like to draw you attention to the newly refurbished Stardust website, which is getting bigger and better each day. Hats off to the webdesigners over at Paramount. The latest trailer looks fine and here's the first pic with Nat as Dunstan Thorne. Enjoy!

please click to enlarge

New down-loadable trailer for Stardust [6.54 Mb] (requires Windows Media Player plug-in, recommended for Internet Explorer or with FF do a "save target as")


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