Just in case for those who did not read the official BBC's statement dealing with the IL6 delays, here it is...

"The Inspector Lynley Mysteries postponed - 9 August 2007

Publication date: 14 Aug 2007

We received complaints from some viewers that the billed edition of the programme was replaced by a repeat and that the continuity announcement prior to the programme gave no reason for the change.

The BBC's response
We are sorry that some viewers were disappointed that the billed episode of The Inspector Lynley Mysteries on BBC One on 9 August 20007 was replaced by a repeat and that they were unhappy with the continuity announcement.

Due to similarities between the billed episode and further developments in the Madeleine McCann case reported in the news that day, the decision was taken to replace the planned episode with a repeat from last year.

It is standard practice on occasions like this for the continuity announcer to inform of a change of billings, but it was felt that it would be inappropriate to go into a more detailed explanation.

The new two-part series will be broadcast at a later date to be confirmed, meaning that the episode billed to transmit on 16 August will also be replaced by another programme. Again, we are sorry for any frustration this may cause.

We acknowledge there was no apology in the announcement on 9 August but we will be including one in the announcement on 16 August."

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