Well not in Dollars nor Pounds - you bet! The currency is fun and friends. Faster than expected - but it seems that Nat's site has hit the million mark this very week. So, as promised some stuff has been added to celebrate this event. Here's hoping that the newly installed thingies and gadgets will add more ease of use for you all to enjoy. I kinda love to think that at least some will like the latest design for this site. Hopefully it'll be much easier to read and navigate through.

I'd like to give a heartfelt Thank You to all of those who added in such a positive and supportive way over the last years. My kudos to all helpers, editors, correctors and naggers... *just kidding*. It's good to have you by my side. To all who come to visit or even be active in our forum: Thanks ever so much for making it all such fun. Love to have you with us.

I'd also like to express my deepest gratitude to Nat, who decided to make this site his official homepage. It's my great pleasure to run this site and I am very much looking forward to do so for a long time to come. Thanks for being with us. Let's carry on having heaps of fun here.

So as promised I'll put up some of the greetings that I got. Can't get them all up, especially not all those lovely e-mails I got - well we do have some very shy members I can tell you - love ya nonetheless.

Please mind that some files might take a while to download - to enforce page changes within the PPSs, please hit the return key on your keyboard... You can stop them by hitting the ESC key.

Amparo's Present(ation) as a PPS pdfAmparo's Present(ation) as a PDF

Claudia's Present(ation) as a PPS pdfClaudia's Present(ation) as a PDF

Louise Jackson's e-card as a JPG pdfLouise Jackson's e-card as a PDF

Juma's fragile thing as a PDF

And one I couldn't resist to copy here for you (the super-kind e-mailer might just forgive me): "Million-Aires: One Million thank yous to Jessy, Nat, and all the fantastic site supporters for making this our must "go to" destination. Deserved bows, ovations, congratulations! Let's keep that counter running…"

Wanna have some facts & figures fun?

Alright then, let's start. So we currently have 1,452 pages of content displayed on this site (with a slight tendency to grow), our forum has 663 topics consisting of 6,112 postings from our members (also growing *grin*). BTW members, we got 717 registered users with this site. On an average day we welcome people from more than 45 countries worldwide. There are currently round about 800 unique visitors dropping by per day - they read 6 pages per visit. Our Gallery displays more than 4,000 pictures. The daily used bandwidth for this site is 70 MB, the site itself needs 2 GB of web-space. Google lists this site as number one hit when you're looking up "Nathaniel Parker" on the net (please note: this is not a paid-for-per-click ranking). Our Google page-rank is three. Webmistress's current frustration / fun ratio with this site: 2:98 (give or take).

Here's a top-ten-ranking of a randomly chosen day for the countries that came here...

1. USA
2. Germany
3. Canada
4. Brazil
5. United Kingdom
6. Switzerland
7. Netherlands
8. Spain
9. Finland
10. Australia


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