The Hamburg Film Fest's schedule always has good stuff on offer. Last year I had the great pleasure to attend the premiere of Fade To Black. This year the audience in Hamburg was one of the very first one to have a peek at Michael Radford's latest movie "Flawless". The film also screened at the San Sebastián festival this weekend. Hamburg is a small festival in comparison, no important prices to win here - just people with all kinds of background come to watch new films, made-for-TV stuff and documentaries. The mood is unconventional and you usually don't see too many people from the "in-crowd" here. To sum it all up it's fun to be here and enjoy it all.

Just a quick update on Oliver Parker's latest project St. Trinian's. The re-make of the highly successful British cult film series (starting with The Belles of St. Trinian's (1957)) will hit UK theatres from December 21st, 2007. The movies are actually based on a series of cartoons by Ronald Searle. One might want to argue that they are the ironic alternate universe to Enid Blyton's posh and cosy schoolgirl's world. Australia will shortly follow showing it on their screens from December 26th, 2007. The movie has also been sold to distributors in Germany (Concorde / Tele München Gruppe) and Benelux (Paridiso).

I was wondering when and if at all we'd be hitting that one million mark about almost exactly four years back when I was big-headed enough to start out thinking I might be able to manage this site. Quite frankly I was dreading the day that in theory could come sometime. But in those days I was fighting quite different practical problems and chose to pray it would come way ahead in the future.

Stardust will be out on DVD in the USA from December 18, 2007. An official announcement from Paramount Home Entertainment says that the Matthew Vaughn directed movie which stars Claire Danes, Robert De Niro, Sienna Miller, and Michelle Pfeiffer will be out in region one encoding (meaning you'll be able to use it on North American DVD players or on region-free equipment).

Just in case for those who did not read the official BBC's statement dealing with the IL6 delays, here it is...

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