The last two episodes of The Inspector Lynley Mysteries (TILM series six) have been broadcast in the Netherlands and Germany.

Newspaper and magazine articles in both countries accompanied Havers' and Lynley's last two cases informing the audience about the cancellation of the hugely popular series.

The ratings in Germany were extremely good, in fact they have been tops amongst the most popular TILM broadcasts on ZDF - that's especially true for the conclusive episode.

"Limbo" was watched by over 3,7 million Germans (15,9% market-share) last Sunday. This tops the figures for last year's series five. "Know Thine Enemy" had over 4,1 million viewers last night, making it a ZDF / ILM record. It equals a 18,3 % market-share for that particular time slot and makes it the second best TILM episode ever having been broadcast by ZDF.

The series is currently having a re-run in the late night time-slot on ZDF on Sundays. We hear from KRO in the Netherlands that "Limbo" also set a new rating high making it to an impressive 1,3 million viewers (best result so far for KRO's TILM).

Thanks for all the people who tuned in, making this a dignified bow out to the highly popular and well-loved series worldwide. I'd also like to thank you for all the uplifting messages, letters, guest-book entries and autograph-wishes that keep come dropping in. You may rely on me - everything will be passed on.

No info so far if and when the BBC is planning to broadcast series six in the UK to a larger audience.


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