Sorry for being a tad late on this one, but sometimes life (or what you call it) comes in between things. Here's a reminder for those who haven't yet read it, heard it or wrote about it on our forum or kindly e-mailed me about it.

I bet you're all very much excited about this. Nat will be a guest star in the upcoming episode of Hotel Babylon this Tuesday (26 February, 2008) on BBC One from 21:00 to 22:00 (GMT).

This one-hour episode is about Alexander Crawfield, a restaurant critic who affects the business at the hotel's restaurant - and all that while Valentine's Day's coming up. "Hotel Babylon is a triumph of tacky style over non-existent content" - this is but just one of Crawfield fierce excerpts.

Naturally the hotel's team is trying hard to fight back. New PR specialist Emily rises to the challenge and engages a new celebrity chef what in return frustrates the hotel's Head Chef in charge. All this leads us to the theme for this episode: Is love really in the air? Alan Davies makes a guest appearance as the celebrity chef Otto Clark, Lesley Garrett and Anita Dobson also star.

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